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Korvis Corvidae
A male crow. Korvis had a troubled childhood, literally survived his youth merely by chance. Both his parents were killed in a car accident shortly after he'd hatched, and he was adopted by a family of Grouse. He looked very different from his new siblings, and the father of the family, mentally retarded by decades of heavy drug use, attempted to eat Korvis on more than one occasion, before Child Protective Services began to place him with different families. One after another, Korvis managed to escape the less than ideal households he had been placed in and was relieved to find a place of his own at age seventeen. Soon after, Korvis got in touch with a wealthy uncle in Metazoa State who was willing to pay his way through college. 
Korvis is an average student, and doesn't have any particular goals in life. His interests include biking, skate boarding, snow boarding, and bungee jumping - none of which seem to have a promising future, at least not for more than the first few years of his adult life. He shows interest in the arts, and has often considered going into acting.
Vital Statistics:  
Name: Korvis Corvidae
Age: 20 years
Sex: Male
Species: Corvus brachyrhnchos - American Crow
Height: 6'1"
Weight: 65 lbs.
Eyes: Blue
Feathers: Black and dyed red
Occupation: Snack Bar attendant
Education: Currently a College Sophmore
Sexual Preferences: Heterosexual
Marital Status: Single