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Eugene Powers
Eugene is a male Languor Monkey. He grew up in an average family with an average income. His is manager of a corner grocery in the suburbs, and his mother operates a home business. Eugene was always a prodigy in the area of electronics, and was encouraged as a youth to persue his goals of developing new technologies in the area of personal computers. 
His goal in college is to earn a degree as a computer technichian, so that he might obtain a high level job at one of the country's many computer hardware companies.

Vital Statistics:  
Name: Eugene Powers
Age: 15 years
Sex: Male
Species: Languor Monkey
Height: 5'9"
Weight: 115 lbs.
Eyes: Brown/Yellow
Hair: Gold/Brown
Occupation: Owner of small Espresso stand chain
Education: Currently a College Freshman
Sexual Preferences: Heterosexual - confirmed virgin
Marital Status: Single